Silver Templars

I had some left over Primaris space marine sprus and decided I’ve got enough blue, time for something different. I flicked through some recent White Dwarf magazines and found a few chapters I’d like to do in the future, but for this batch I settled on Silver Templars.

The paint scheme was simple, easy and looks quite striking. The sculpts are pretty standard with fixed poses. Some of these sprus are handed out for free in stores to get started painting.

One significant change was the sergeant. I gave him a chainsword from my Sterngard Veterans box. The chainsword had a hand already, although it was for a firstborn the size difference isn’t noticeable. Used a staple cut short to help pin the hand to the arm for strength. Also added a little greenstuff at the join, which I drew lines in to look like the undersuit seen at joins to help hide the transition.

With these models completed, I’ve almost finish my backlog, just the box of Sterngard Veterans left.