Probably the first models I got from Ebay were these infiltrators, but I didn’t paint them up until recently.

As with the other buys from Ebay, they were already posed. They weren’t pre-painted, so no stripping necessary.

I really like how they turned out. One thing I was avoiding which I see a lot is using a leather apperance to the gun holsters and straps. In my head cannon, using such leather wouldn’t be appropriate, it would wear and break too easily. So for all the little pouches etc. I choose to use the crimson red. For the medic, I used white for the device and pouch, but not really happy how that turned out.

Not long after painting them, I got a game in against some Necrons. The Emperor guided their bolters to hit hard and true, but they didn’t do well. Transporting them to/from the game was particularly concerning, their pointy bits snap off easily.