Craftworld Iybraesil

I’ve always liked the Eldar and wanted an army of my own. Particularly Craftworlds. If I were ever to get a full army, I think it would be Eldar.

I found a small number of guardians on Ebay to start me off and decided on Craftworld Iybraesil for the colour scheme. They came green, the paintjob was okay, but the poses were really off. I had hoped I could repose them, but I think they used plastic cement glue so I left them as-is.

For the blue, I tried contrast paints initially, then ended on oil paint. It took me way longer than I expected to reach the shade I wanted, and wasted a lot of paint in the process, but once I got there, I could keep a batch for a few days. Hope I can make it again in the future… After that had dry, some blue contrast paint did a great job in the recesses. I also used brown oil paint, thinned down, for recess shading the weapons. Most of the rest is painted with acrylics.