Kill Team and Kill Team 2.0

On Reddit I noticed a photo of a game of warhammer being played in Hong Kong. I never really thought about finding gaming groups to play with before, so reached out to the poster to find out about their gaming group. Through this I got to play some games with local and expat players.

My first game of Kill Team was also my last, as version 2 was released shortly afterwards and I only played 2.0 after that. In my first game, I used my Dark Eldar Wyches and Mandrakes against some demons. It’s the first proper warhammer tabletop game I’ve played in over 20 years.

A month later I played the new Kill Team. My Wyches again (no rules for Mandrakes, so they couldn’t join) against Harlequins.

One of the biggest changes is that the original used points to let you build highly customisable teams, you could bring the units, with the specific loadout you want. While 2.0 limits you to fixed teams with fixed weapons. Another change is not all units are available, such as my Mandrakes which I bought specifically to compliment my Wyches. They are no longer usable. I really liked the list building aspect. But I can understand it has issues: list building takes time, some lists will be highly unbalanced, you need to spend a long time explaining your team to your opponant at the start of a game - what weapons they are carrying etc. Besides the list building, there have been lot of rule changes, a lot of them really help speed up games, especially alternate activation - players take turns playing one unit at a time, instead of the whole team. This reduces the waiting time between turns and makes games more fluid.