Crimson Fists

Gotta have some space marines. As a kid I had Ultramarines, this time round I thought I’d go for Crimson Fists. My general scheme for them is to look battle ravaged, with urban rubble bases. Streaking Grime is going to be well used.

I got a selection of space marines off Ebay, a mix of firstborn and Primaris. A few were partially painted as Ultramarines, most were just primed blue. Since there wasn’t much paint already, I stripped them with isopropyl alcohol. I cut what I could with a hobby saw to try and improve the poses or swap heads/weapons.

The Primaris sergeant came with a lightning claw, which I love and painted expecting to use it, but thought since these are Crimson Fists a power fist would be more appropriate. Originally the power fist came as part of some Space Wolves bits. I shaved off the Space Wolves designs to make it suitable for other chapters.