Last week I received an email from the University’s accommodation office saying I could move in early because I start early. This was a great relief as it made things a lot simpler. And so on Saturday I moved in. The place is very nice, only 20 minutes walk from campus and 2 minutes from Waitrose and other shops. I also have the biggest room! However, I am all alone in the house for this week. I know one other housemate will move in next week, I assume the others will too. Unfortunatly, the accommodation office won’t let me have the ADSL modem until the other students arrive, so I’m having to resort to use the computers on campus, which is quite awkward.

The first day of class was fairly straight forward until we were given a report to read and asked to do a presentation on it the next day. And today, the second day, we got another next day homework to do. The rest of the week seems quite quiet fortunatly.

先週メールを大学からもらった。コースが早く始めるから家に早く引っ越しても良いと書いてあった。うれしかった。前の土曜日で引っ越した。家は大学から歩いて20分くらい。スーパーから2分くらい。とても便利だね。その上、僕の部屋が家で一番でかい \^。^/ しかし、僕はこの一週間一人で住んでいる。別のハウスメートは来週で引っ越す予定と言った。インタネットは今家で使えない、別のハウスメートがいないせい。ー。ー;;