The last leg

First the test, which went well I feel. The vocabulary section was clearly easier than previous years. Listening went a little worse than expected, but I feel I still could get a high score there. Reading and Grammar were as ever a race against the clock. The passages weren’t all that difficult and I feel I understood them however answering questions about them in a short amount of time is another matter altogether. I had managed to speed up my reading however this year were three extra passages, so in the end I didn’t have time for these. I expect I’ll only have around 50% there as I’ve been getting previously. Grammar was a little surprising, I was able to answer a lot of questions very quickly, I think because I’m used to the patterns of some questions that I just have to read a few words and instantly I know what the answer is. Again, due to time constraints I couldn’t answer all the questions here, but got through the bulk of them.

With the big test out of the way I have just three more weeks left in Japan. Most of this time will be occupied with packing and general leaving stuff. It’s quite a task to look at a years worth of accumulated items and sort the stuff to keep and what to junk/sell. What’s even worse is that its Christmas season, so I also want to send gifts back home for my family, thus accumulating even more items…

I have had a great long adventure in Japan and sure it will be a shame to leave. I will still pursue Japanese, through books and TV so I hope I won’t loose what I’ve learnt. And next year I would like to take JLPT Level 1, so I shall study for that too.