Mount Fuji!

Next weekend I plan to climb Mount Fuji with some friends from class, or at least attempt to. Climbing Mount Fuji is only allowed during the Summer (otherwise it is dangerously cold). The usual method is taking a bus or car to the half-way point and then walking for about 6-8 hours. At various points on the path there are huts you can stay in to sleep or just rest (for a cost of course). There are also post boxes apparently at the halfway (for the people who just went there by car I imagine) and at the top. What I wonder though is do they collect it every day? and I can’t imagine it’s some regular postal worker. I plan to try and prepare my postcards before hand, as I don’t want to be stuck with writters block while freezing to death.

来週末富士山にクラスメイトと登りに行くつもりだ。 日本語が読める人は富士山のこと分かるだろうと思うけど、練習のために書く。 死ねるくらい寒いから、夏しか富士山に登れない。 普段、五合目にバスとか車などで行って6-8時間で歩く。 歩く道にある山小屋で寝るとか、休むとかことができる(もちろんお金がかかる)。 五合目と頂上にポストもあるらしい。誰がその送ったメールをまとめるか知りたい。