boring post

My ACPI events handler script and my ACPI power mode toggler (call it, it’ll determine what power mode you’re in (using simple test that WFM) and be more power saving accordingly) for use with ACPID.

I have master plans for rewriting my CMS for this site, remove sections I never update (network), redo sections I never update but get looked at a lot (code) and bring and make WrapDBI, my perl DBI er… wrapper up-to-date with my ASP version.

After playing with HTML::Template I find it’s lack of includes a huge bad point, keeping multiple templates in sync (eg. the content between to ) a real nightmare if I was to use it in anything more than my test. I will look into other templating options, there’s still others out there, or write my own, but I’d rather not.

I also have plans to make a ’lite’ theme for my site (for small devices like ipaq, just for neuro) and one other which hopefully should look good, if not you’ll never see it :p