more ping pong!

Ace suggested install the new Linux 2.6.0-test1 with ac1. Which didn’t go to well, but the next day I used the mm1 patch and O7 and that also didnt go well (xmms would still skip when opening Eterm). But I soon sused the suckyness was to do with the “nv” driver, I promptly patched NVidia’s own to work with 2.6 and low and behold my computer kinda really rocks now. I watched a DVD (non-skipping) with a system load of 10 (kernel and vlc compiles running in the background)… not a simple task with a single processor.

With the heat-wave that hit the UK a few days ago, my room became unbearable so I decided to get WIFI working again on the laptop and if it gets too hot in my room, I’m going downstairs to the dining room which used to be a garage and doesn’t hold heat well. I would much prefer to go into the back garden, but there is a wall between my room (with the other WIFI point) and the garden that blocks the signal without fail.

I also tweaked my ACPI scripts for the laptop, so now if I pull the power cord from the back, the LCD brightness drops to the lowest setting, the hdd will spindown after 2 minutes of idleness (spinning it down is useful when the thing is powered too, its bloomin noisy) and lowering the cpu speed all in the hopes of conserving power. And it reverts happily when I plug the power back in. Still not decided what it should do when the lid is closed.