Midas, Tokyo and lazy GNOMEs oh my

A screenshot of Neo-Tokyo as requested by bse.

GNOME 2.2 was recently released. screenshots.

Progress and Future of Mozilla-the-application-suite. Mozilla’s improved so much since version 1.0. And something that completely went by unnoticed by me is the Midas extension (Demo). IE has a similar propriatry extension, this appears to be Mozilla’s own implimentation, again propriaty. From cursory glance it uses a similar naming scheme, so I’m guessing they are aiming to make it easy for people who’ve used IE’s own method to extend their implimentations to include Midas. I’ll have a go at upgrading the comments system to Midas and probably my Admin area… sorry, CMS too.

bigcalm pointed me to String::Approx, so I’ll probably add a spell chekcer widget to the comment system and my backend.

Tachyon-TV it hasn’t updated for about a month but I’d thought I’d send them some hits anyway, quality satire.