If you haven’t already seen it, I have a photolog/gallery type thing with lots of pretty pictures. As a special treat, I’ve extended it with Prefetching, think of it as a standard way of preloading stuff. In my case I preload some extra thumbnails and a main image if you dare visit the medium sized version. The advantage of the Prefetch method over javascript implementations and width=“1” hacks is that you can disable this method if you prefer to keep your bandwidth. On the browser feature nifty scale of 1-10: 9.

I was bored so I added a RDF feed of my site for syndicating. And I was bored more and made a Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar. Most people scorn the Sidebar feature as compleatly useless, but as a developer, I’ve found DevEdge’s CSS/HTML Quick Reference Sidebars invaluable at giving me instant access to a wealth of accurate content. I also find the builtin History Sidebar more usful than Mozilla’s main History viewer. My only wish is that there was a JavaScript quick reference of the same high quality as DevEdge’s Sidebars.

Had mild amusement from binding lots of keys in fluxbox. Made two little Perl scripts to accompany it, mozilla-remote and alsa-mute. Now those useless keys at the top of my keyboard called ‘Media’ keys do something, and rather useful they are too. Even knocked up some on screen display dittys for when I hit Caps Lock, Num Lock etc.