On my Logitech iTouch keyboard I have some “media” buttons, one being mute. After assigning the keycode for it to XF86AudioMute I then created this little script to handle the action of turning mute on or off depending on it’s current state. Then its just a matter of editing your Window Managers key bindings to assining XF86AudioMute to alsa-mute.pl.

For fluxbox this meant editing “~/.fluxbox/keys” and adding the line:

None XF86AudioMute :ExecCommand perl ~/alsa-mute.pl

This program requires Perl to run and ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architechture) installed. You will also need to edit your Window Manager’s key bindings. An excersise left to the reader.

alsa-mute.pl (Plain text file)

Save the file with a .pl name, Edit your Window Manager’s key bindings to call it for the key you want, You can also call this straight from the console:

perl alsa-mute.pl