I grabbed myself SpamAssassin (emerge Mail-SpamAssassin :) setup procmail to route my mail via it and then proceeded to download my 72 messages waiting online… I watched them come down, then I fired up mutt and looked at my inbox. I knew for a fact there were some spam mails there, cause I had chosen not to delete a few to fully test SpamAssassin. And what do you know, they aint there, so off I pop to my ‘junk’ mailbox and low and behold there were 10 mails, six are genuine cream of the crud spam, and the other four are newsletters that I’d been autosigned up for by sites I’ve visited. All in all, a raving success. I don’t get much spam as it is, about 1 every other day (don’t consider this an excuse to sign me up to anything) but I will definatly will keep this running.

While looking for something else in Gentoo’s portage, I found dailystrips to get your recommended daily webbased comic dose. I made something like this in Perl too, I’ll have to give it a try, see how much mine sucks.