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While I wait for Gentoo 1.4 (which should hopefully be available within the next two weeks) I’ve left my Windows partition after a recent LAN gaming session. During this time of horrors, I stumbled across 7-Zip. Claiming to be “a file archiver with highest compression ratio.” Could it be? I’ve found a compression that’s better than RAR? Well okay I know several better than RAR. Here’s my results of an impromptu test of it (disclaimer: please ignore this test completely since it’s me picking some random directory and compressing it and choosing what I think are the highest settings of the archive):

Original Size: 395k, 34 files
WinRar: 301k
7z: 299k

Interesting results, nothing worth switching for, their page has a proper test.

And so while I wait, I thought I’d play around with a new site layout, something simpler, with… drumroll links on the LEFT! I’d thought I would conform for once. And I’ll probably get rid of the magic changing styles. And try and improve my code area.

Xenith pointed me to this short yet humorous collection of Movie GoOfs.

Having lots of fun with iptables and custom chains, making my firewall overly secure.

Mozilla’s Venkman’s JavaScript Debugger seems damned useful, I really got to play with it some more to see how useful it can be. The most useful feature I found so far is the display of local variables while stepping through code, saves throwing up alert() boxes, especially when working off a live site. Here’s a pretty screenshot for those who don’t have the lizard yet. Obviously this is of no use to the casual web user, but to a developer it’s a huge helping hand. Mix that with the usefulness of Mozilla’s JavaScript console (for the simple fact it get’s line numbers right big stare at Internet Explorer’s useless line reporting) and you have the best JavaScript development platform known to man(tm).