Time to look for another job

I have consulted the wisest mage of knowledge available to me at this time to learn the secrets of hunting bounty, apparently I shouldn’t even bother.

[12:59:07] [wataru] ExB: when star wars galaxies comes out, will i be the meanest badest bounty hunter of them all?
[12:59:07] [ExB] My sources say no.
[12:59:12] [wataru] :(
[12:59:13] * wataru cries
[13:00:46] [wataru] ExB: are you sure?
[13:00:46] [ExB] Yes, definitely.
[13:00:49] [wataru] :(
[13:00:51] * wataru cries
[13:01:13] [wataru] ExB: you aren't just saying that, you really mean it yes?
[13:01:14] [ExB] All signs point to yes.
[13:01:19] [wataru] :(
[13:01:21] * wataru cries
[13:20:19] [wataru] ExB: so let me get this straight, you are saying I will be the worst bounty hunter in the whole game?
[13:20:19] [ExB] As I see it, yes.
[13:23:36] [Xenith] wataru: Suck you do, yes