I’ve spent the time rearranging my bedroom, it’s pretty much better. Now, from my desktop PC I can see my TV by just moving my eyes and not, as previously, by moving my head :D

Gentoo now exists on 3 out of my 4 machines. At first I found it quite awkward, mainly because it uses its own initialisation method, but it has great support for packages of applications (over 1700 at time of writing), most (if not all) packages are mirrored on their own server to ensure the package you want is always available (rather than hoping the authors website is up, which in a few cases with Sorcerer, it wasn’t so I’d have to wait). It’s documentation is very well done and easy to follow. The default kernel it offers is full of extra patches giving me oodles of extra options to play with. All in all, its benefits out weigh the one problem I have with it.

As to KDE 3, as I first thought, I didn’t like it, so I’m back to the simplistic Fluxbox that just rocks my world cause its soo freaking light yet is still more usable than anything I’ve tried.