Yay, I took the time to get Mathilda running properlly, she is now a fully working NFS[?] server for my network. She serves /home and /var/spool/sorcery for my laptop nikita and my desktop wataru. Granted her disk access thoughput is 70mb/s worse than nikita or wataru and about 10mb/s slower than my firewall akira. So I’ll probably end up swapping akira around with mathilda (since akira does have an extra 2gb, and the more space the better for a file server), however akira is only a pentium 200 and mathilda is a pentium3 500. We’ll we’ll see what I can musta.

Oh well, it works now, and all my settings are the same and my files are shared and in the same place when I log onto wataru or nikita. And I now share one sorcery source spool, rather than me maintaining 3.

On sorcerer, it seems a lot of troubles are plauging it, its future is very uncertain and there is the possibility it will end. Ho hum, my Sorcerer installs wont stop working if the main project dies, I can still upgrade it myself and there is already a fork project in the works. Open Source rules.