Mathilda 8ball

I’ve got a new (second hand) pc, which I’ve named Mathilda. It will probably end up as my fileserver, but until I can get the network card recognised, it aint gunna be nothing.

And I havent uploaded a screenshot in a while, so I did (300k) :P.

On the ExB front, I’ve made another module cause I was bored, a simple 8Ball module, ask it a question and it will answer it with near 100% accuracy :). Here is a little example of 8BallMod in use, utilising the new IKnowTheAnswer(tm) Technology.

[09:05:43]<Xenith> ExB: does wataru love me?
[09:05:44]<ExB> My reply is no.
[09:05:46]<Xenith> Hmm
[09:05:52]<Xenith> That'd be why I'm not getting email from him
[09:05:59]<Xenith> ExB: do people love me anymore?
[09:05:59]<ExB> Yes.
[09:06:07]<Xenith> ExB: then why aren't they sending me email?
[09:06:07]<ExB> Who knows?

We recently released version 0.2 of ExB, we have big plans for 0.3.