My first VRML

VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) is used to create 3D worlds that can be downloaded and viewed in a web browser, however the technology never really caught on, that did not stop me making a world.

For my Mutlimedia HND (Higher National Diploma) today I made a simplistic model of our solar system.

It is purly to demonstrate VRML, much better things can be achieved with more time. The whole world is 36.8kb so should take about 5-10s to download on a 56k modem.

To view VRML worlds you need a plug-in for your browser.

If you dont already have a VRML (version 1.0 compatible) viewer, and you are using either Internet Explorer or Netscape I recommend you get Cortona (there are others, but this is the best I have found, quick and easy to install).

To get the required parts of Cortona:

Cortona is compatible with VRML 2.0 by default, this 1.0 converter lets it read the older format. The only reason I coded this in 1.0 format is because its quicker to write and learn.

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